negotiate to innovate

It Takes More than a Big Idea: Why Negotiation is the Pathway to Successful Innovation

Issue 4.11 | September-October 2014 In this Article: progress is built on negotiation as much as it is on innovation. The first in a two-part series on negotiation. by Jonathan Wilson All human progress is the result of innovation [ … ]

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The Unhappy Visionary: How to Develop Organizational Vision

Issue 3.11 | October 2012 In this Article: three acts of reflection carry us from dissatisfaction to vision. by Jonathan Wilson Jason Kilar didn’t begin the revolutionary online video service, Hulu, because he had a vision, but because he [ … ]

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Profit Fixation is Bad (for Business)

Issue 3.1 | September 2011 In this Article: why an exclusive focus on profit creates a dangerous distraction from value creation. by Jonathan Wilson  Apple does not exist to make a profit.  If it did, it would never have [ … ]

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