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Fascinating & Captivating

I was blown away by Jonathan Wilson’s ability to captivate an audience.  He took his far-reaching experience and turned a fascinating tale into why company culture matters.  The message he delivered was clear – you might lack leadership now, but it’s never too late to turn your company around.

Mike Drolet, Global National News

Jonathan delivers a range of presentations, from keynotes to seminars.  He speaks to select audiences of a few dozen and to public auditoriums with thousands in attendance. He has also appeared as a guest on national radio and television shows to discuss leadership lessons emerging in current issues.

Whether he is speaking on leadership in crisis, leadership and value creation, leadership and breakthrough strategy, leadership and cultural transformation, leadership and conflict transformation, leading teams, or leading oneself, each presentation is  an answer to the ultimate leadership question: how do we make the difference that lasts?

Below are sample topics he has delivered recently.

How Ordinary People Change the World

In 1901, Jonathan’s great-grandmother, known as “The Duchess”, packed her belongings in a coffin and moved to the Congo, the heart of the great continent of Africa. In 1908, after years of appalling exploitation and the murder of millions of Africans, the Belgian exploitation of the Congo was brought to a halt. This humanitarian victory was brought about by ordinary people; individuals like “The Duchess”.  In this talk, Jonathan draws on major transformations – including the end of Apartheid, the transformation of a cannibalistic tribe, and corporate rebirths – to explain how ordinary people can transform organizations, institutions and societies.
Applications: executive and team leadership, strategy, change

Survivor: Leading Your Tribe to Success in the Corporate Jungle

Pressured by quarterlies, leaders are frequently tempted to bypass four building blocks essential to producing exponential results. Jonathan weaves together tested leadership principles with gripping stories from both jungle and boardroom which prove that exponential results are achieved by leaders who learn how to source, focus, energize and harness organizational power.
Applications: executive and team leadership, strategy, change

Leadership that Lasts

In leadership, nothing is ideal. Between the vision in the valley and the mountain top of achievement lies a long journey marked by constraint: from inadequate resources to opposition to personal failure. Drawing on the amazing stories of leaders, including personal friends, who made a transformative difference in the corporate, social and political worlds, Jonathan explains what it takes to become someone whose leadership makes a difference that lasts.
Applications: leadership, transformation

Leadership Beyond the Bottom Line

Profit makes for a healthy goal, but a weak purpose. The self-serving company ultimately fails. Working initially from examples of measurable value destruction in both business and larger socio-economic systems such as Apartheid, Jonathan develops a compelling case that sustainable business success can only be derived from a morally substantive purpose that in turns delivers superior, lasting value to the customer and the customer’s ecosystem.
Applications: capitalism, CSR, strategy

Your Custom Requirement

The greatest value is created when Jonathan is able to deliver a keynote or other presentation that speaks precisely to the needs and priorities of an audience. Within his range of specialty interests, he can design and tailor a presentation or keynote to fit your requirements, which will result in a highly engaged audience more likely to apply what they learn. For topic ideas, go to his blog.

Inspiring & Pragmatic

Jonathan was a very big part of a key customer event this year.  His keynote addresses helped make this event one of the highest rated by our customers.  They were taken away by his background and his ability to provide pragmatic and very usable approaches to help their business strategies.

Robert Walesa, GM, Unitron Canada