Jonathan Wilson is a writer, speaker and consultant specializing in leadership that makes a lasting difference. Jonathan has an extraordinary background of life, senior executive, board and consulting experience. It has taken him across four continents and into radically varied environments: from remote tribes in tropical rainforests to warlords and politicians in Africa; from nationwide multi-stakeholder projects to the boardrooms of global companies.

His work has never been boring: political mediation, socio-economic development, leadership development, business model innovation and developing strategy for global organizations. The scarlet thread has always been leadership: the company as a leader in the market, and the individual as an organizational leader.

Jonathan is the founder of the management consulting firm, Soul Systems, and consults to senior leaders in the areas of leadership effectiveness, strategy, business model improvement and innovation, and large-scale transformational processes.

Some of the highlights of Jonathan’s fascinating backstory are in the slideshow below.

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