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What do you care about most?
What are you doing about it?

Leadership begins with vision. Vision arises out of the collision between what you know matters most, and what’s not right with the world around you — whether what’s not right is structural, technical, methodological, procedural or ethical.

Leadership ends with legacy. Between vision and legacy is unrelenting action — acting on your vision, again and again, day after day, with resolute focus, with dogged determination, relentlessly, for years. All great achievements — the building of value-creating companies, the abolition of the slave trade, the ending of Apartheid — were the result of what the philosopher Nietzsche called “a long obedience in the same direction”.

Action that builds legacy is shaped by purpose, discipline and trust. What drives it is soul — that clear-eyed understanding of what the leader knows is utterly important, and what he or she is uniquely qualified to do about it.

Leadership by Soul™ is where I explore, with you — through blogging, videos and public speaking — how we can make the difference that lasts.

Thank you for coming here. Welcome to the journey!

Your Vision

Your vision is the articulation of a future condition that does not presently exist. But if your vision has to do with self-aggrandizement, you’ve missed the point entirely. You will never be the biggest this, or the leading that, or the greatest whatever, unless you serve your customer well and change their life for the better. But when you describe how things will have changed in the future for your customer because of your contribution, then you have captured your vision, and the adventurous journey towards it can begin.

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